Environmental and Health and Safety Statement

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SUBJECT:  Company Environmental and Health and Safety Statement

The Company is aware of its responsibilities to the Environment and the Health and Safety of its clients and employees and will fully comply with the regulations and guidelines defined by International Standards (EHS) or local regulations.

We are also familiar with international health, safety and environmental standards and will apply them whenever appropriate.

OAM Middle East Ltd believes that a commitment to health, safety, and the environment is not only a fundamental corporate responsibility but is also an investment in the success of our business.

OAM Middle East Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest standards for the environment and to health and safety.

We have a zero incident and accident culture and focus on prevention through training, systematic reporting, and analysis and are determined to make this a reality.

The directors of the company will ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet its obligations and will appoint, where necessary, suitably qualified experts to enable them to fulfil these obligations.

The objective of the Company is always to minimise risks to the environment and the health, safety and welfare of its workforce, and others affected by its activities by identifying and then eliminating or controlling impacts and hazards.

OAM Middle East Ltd has a good environmental and health and safety record and the co-operation and involvement of every employee is necessary in order that standards are maintained or improved wherever possible.

The Company will provide information, instruction, training and supervision, as is necessary, to allow employees to conduct all operations in a safe manner.

Copies of all relevant environmental and safety documents are available in the company office and are available to all employees.

Our EHS systems are continuously monitored but, in any event, will be reviewed, updated and revised as necessary every 12 months in order that their relevance is ensured.


John Gartner


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