Company Safety and Occupational Health Policy

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SUBJECT:  Company Safety and Occupational Health Policy


  1. General.  As Director of OAM Middle East Ltd. I want to thank all employees for your commitment in maintaining a strong safety program for the company and its reputation. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all our clients, contractors and local national employees in the regions have a safe and healthy place to work. Along with obeying regional safety rules and regulations we must embrace and integrate safety awareness into our daily lives and help others in realizing the importance of doing far more than is expected from us.


  1. Manage the Risks. We all have a responsibility to invest in safety awareness and mentor those who work with us. Safety matters are not intended to simply be left in the hand of those who posses the safety manager title. The high volume of tasks that we conduct and staggering amount of hours and kilometres we cover puts us constant at risk. However, the number of safety professionals who watch over these endeavours is small. Therefore, each and every one of us must be risk managers and point out unsafe acts, near misses and situations whenever they occur.


  1. Mentor Others.     Mentoring new employees is also key. Find every opportunity to provide value-based training to new inductees, regional and sector managers and safety representatives at all levels. Emphasise due diligence to provide clear guidance when reviewing accident prevention plans and job hazard analysis. Nominate capable mentors for each new employee.


  1. Be Actively Engaged.   In the event of a loss of personnel, vehicles or equipment in a manner than is preventable erodes our professional ability. Therefore, we all need to embrace safety awareness as a daily responsibility by actively engaging in the risk-management process and mentor those who require guidance. We all want to return home on completion of the contract and enjoy a future with our families.



John Gartner


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