OAM, founded in 1998 in Australia, was restructured and relaunched as OAM Middle East in 2015 to enable OAM Founding Partner John Gartner to continue providing high level security advisory, risk management support and advanced training options to international clients operating in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

High risk, physically remote and operationally challenging locations require a sound understanding of threat, appropriate experience and a solid commitment to every client’s needs.

This support is reinforced through hands-on engagement with Government leadership, national security agencies (Military, Police, Gendarmerie), local communities, and local and expatriate workforces, to better understand local, regional and national dynamics and attendant threats.

The OAM ME Principals and management have extensive military Special Forces operational service, complemented by very broad commercial security experience, and proven track records in the development of successful international businesses within very competitive commercial environments.