Personal security while travelling – In the airport

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Exercise security awareness. Always be aware of where you are in conjunction with where you are going. If an incident occurs, you need to know how to avoid it and either get out of the area or to your boarding area.

  • Plan to check in early for your flight to avoid long lines at the ticket counter.
  • Identify objects or locations that will provide cover
  • Proceed through security checkpoints ASAP
  • Avoid secluded and overly crowded areas
  • Report unattended luggage or suspicious activity
  • In the event of a disturbance of any kind, go in the opposite direction. DO NOT GET INVOLVED!
  • Go directly to the gate or secure area after checking your luggage. (Secure Zone – Area between security/immigration and the departure gate.) Avoid waiting rooms and shopping areas outside the secure areas.
  • Stay away from glass wall areas and airport coffee shops which are open to the concourse or public waiting areas.
  • From the time you pack your luggage until you check it with the carrier at the airport maintain positive control of all items, both hand carried and checked.
  • When arriving at or departing from an airport it is a good idea not to be exchanging items between bags while waiting in line for security screening or immigration/customs processing. Complete all packing before entering such areas.
  • Consider being transported to/from the airport by a hotel vehicle. Generally the cost is not prohibitive, and arrangements can be made in advance by your travel agent.
  • Declare all currency and negotiable instruments as required by law.
  • NEVER leave your luggage or briefcase unattended, even while checking in or once in the secure zone. In some countries, the police or security forces assume that an unattended bag is a bomb, and your luggage could be forcefully opened or even destroyed.

If an armed attack occurs:

  • Get on your stomach, stay on your stomach
  • Crawl or roll to cover; Do not stand up
  • Put any luggage you have between you and the attackers
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT  to assist responding security forces