Enterprise Risk Management

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OAM (Middle East) Limited fully recognizes that the global business environment is growing ever more unstable often resulting in rapid, unforeseen change. As a company we are committed to using Enterprise Risk Management to protect both our tangible and intangible assets and secure, and add, to our corporate value.

Cross border trading has its own inherent risks which are graphically represented in the Cross Border Trade Risk Map (see Figure 1 below).

Cross Border Trade Risk Map
Figure 1: Cross Border Trade Risk Map

OAM ME uses Enterprise Risk Management to identify and mitigate its business risks. As a company we embrace the principles and guidelines laid down by ISO 31000:2009.  We have in place a culture, structure and process, implemented by our Board of Directors, Management, and Staff, that identifies and mitigates actions or events that could potentially have a negative impact on our ability to achieve our business objectives.

OAM ME understands that the reliability of our clients and contracting partners is a critical success factor and to this end we have developed an in-house due diligence capability with a global reach.

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